What I do in the World

I write

I speak

I listen

I read

I sit

I move

I play

I rest

I study the possible climates of planets beyond our Solar System, looking for one that might host life beyond the Earth. And I share what I’ve found with others, in ways that speak to them.

I encourage others to embrace their whole selves and full potential, whatever their personal circumstances.

I slow down and let the fast-paced world swirl around me. I stand as still as I can, until I can hear my inner voice.

I unapologetically embrace my slower work pace and schedule, and offer it as an example to others who seek the courage to do the same.

Aomawa Shields giving the Plenary Lecture “The Climates of Other Worlds: Exoplanet Climatology as a Pathway to Accurate Assessments of Planetary Habitability,” at the American Astronomical Society’s (AAS) 233rd meeting at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA on January 9, 2019.
The American Astronomical Society (AAS), established in 1899 and based in Washington, DC, is the major organization of professional astronomers in North America. The annual meeting is the premier astronomical event with more than 3,000 astronomers, educators, industry representatives, and journalists in attendance and at least 1,600 oral and poster presentations scheduled.
Photo by © CorporateEventImages/Phil McCarten 2019
Dr. Anowama Shields