Talks and Media Appearances

Dr. Aomawa Shields is available for select speaking and workshop engagements.

Please see her speaker’s website for topic areas and information here.

Interested in having Dr. Shields as a speaker for an upcoming event?

To inquire about a possible appearance, please contact Hayley Shear at:

Hayley Shear


Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau


Nature Podcast

The Planetary Society

Talks at Google

NPR Science Friday

Closer to Truth Chats

Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda Podcast: “Aomawa Shields: When an Actor is Starstruck”

StarTalk Radio With Neil deGrasse Tyson, Season 14, Episode 42: “Cosmic Queries – Life on Other Planets with Neil deGrasse Tyson & Aomawa Shields”

Good Morning America Interview

Morning Joe Interview

TED-Ed and TED Talks

PBS NOVA feature: “An Unexpected Path to Becoming an Astronomer

2023 Commencement Speech at Lewis and Clark College

Production company credit: James Media Productions, Inc

How the Universe Works: Season 9

E11: “Mystery of Alien Worlds”
E5: “Curse of the White Dwarf”
E5: “Curse of the White Dwarf” 
E4: “Aliens of the Microcosmos”

StarTalk Radio With Neil deGrasse Tyson, Season 12, Episode 33: “Cosmic Queries – Exoplanetary Exploration with Dr. Aomawa Shields”

AbSciCon 2022 Plenary: “A Path to Thriving on the Earth and Other Planets”

Kibbe Science Lecture at Bowdoin College

“What Matters to Me and Why – Aomawa Shields, Ph.D.”

2019 Sagan Workshop: “Astrobiology for Astronomers” 

Dr. Anowama Shields