Abby Hartley

My name is Abby, and I’m an artist and astrophysics student at the University of Colorado Boulder. Though I’ve focused my undergraduate studies on math and physics, my passion for drawing has only grown over the years.

Through my enduring dedication to art, I’ve found that there’s no one way to be a scientist. Ground-breaking science requires creativity, and synthesizing the fields of astrophysics and art can be very rewarding! In fact, I'm currently working on a project mentored by Dr. Zach Berta-Thompson, which consists of a series of illustrated collages highlighting the contributions of heroes in astrophysics.

We’re all multifaceted human beings, and we shouldn’t feel pressured to stifle one passion in order to pursue a career in another. Success takes different forms for everyone, and it’s never too late to pursue your true ambitions. I’ve experienced the difficulty of finding a work-life balance firsthand, but I’ve never regretted being authentic to myself. 🙂

Dr. Anowama Shields